Knee Wraps

The Power Strap Knee Wraps protect athletes’ knees when squatting due to the heavy loads that are involved. The Knee Wraps may also be worn to gain mechanical advantage during the squat, leg press etc. Wearing the Knee Wraps enables thletes to lift more weight or perform more reps than they could without them.

  • 79”(2 m) Length
  • 3”(8 cm) Width
  • 80% Cotton
  • 20% Rubber

Protect your knees

  • Rubber consisting, super tight Knee Wraps material provides the ultimate stability.
  • Stretching elastic fabric is easy adjustable according to different compression needs.
  • When wrapped to total tightness generate extra power enabling you to do heavier weights.
  • The Power Strap Knee Wraps are designed the way they won't slip, unroll or fall off during the exercise.

Wrist Wraps

The Power Strap Wrist Wraps grab the surface of each revolution around your wrist, making the wrap lock in place to provide maximum stability and security for the wrists when dealing with heavy weights especially bench pressing.

  • 23”(58 cm) Length
  • 3”(8 cm) Width
  • 80% Cotton
  • 20% Rubber
In available small version length 16.5″ (42 cm)

Protect your wrist

  • Stabilize your wrists to avoid injury and reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Easily adjustable for a customized fit and tension control.
  • Lock the wrists while elastic fabric ensures comfortable mobility for wrist movement.
  • Strong, durable and elastic thumb loops are secured in place.

Lifting Straps

The Power Strap Lifting Straps allow you to focus only on the pull portion of the lifts versus focusing on the grip, therefore letting you perform more efficiently.

  • 22”(57 cm) Length
  • 1.5”(4 cm) Width
  • 100% Cotton
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Lift more

  • Provides extra gripping support.
  • Made of hard nylon to provide maximum security.
  • Fully adjustable to fit all wrists.
  • Do not tend to bend out of shape as much as leather straps.

About us

We are the team of sport enthusiasts who are passionate about their brand. We design and produce supportive equipment for powerlifters and bodybuilders under the name of Power Strap.

Power Strap – is an American brand of wrist wraps, knee wraps and lifting straps. All Power Strap products are designed together with professional athletes, therefore meet all the international standards of quality.

Our main goal is to produce high quality supportive equipment for powerlifters, bodybuilders and everyone who want to improve their performance with maximum comfort and security for own health.